Improving light attraction technologies for enhanced harvest of Mukene (silver fish) on Lake Victoria

Research team and roles

S/No Name Afiliation Role On Project
01 Dr Taabu-Munyaho, Anthony NaFIRRI

PI and Project coordination- Project design and implementation, data capture, analysis and reporting, resource management and monitoring and evaluation

02 Dr. Nkalubo Winnie NaFIRRI

Assessment of the biology and ecology of the target and non-target species (by-catch) and evaluation of appropriate light fishing grounds, project monitoring and evaluation

03 Mr. Herbert Nakiyende NaFIRRI

Catch Assessment and evaluation of appropriate Mukene fishing gears and methods, by-catch assessment, assessment of appropriate colours and intensity

04 Engineer James Wasukira NaFIRRI

Light systems fabrications, light intensity measurements, catamaran and rig designs and evaluation