NaFIRRI technicians grading and straightening frames for repair of a 2.5X2.5 meter cage frame

The cage frames should be fitted with drum for floatation

Metalics cages frames should painted to avoid rusting

Appearance of a fully painted cage frame ready for installation

Anchor blocks used in securing cage frames in water

Components of a basic cage

Nile tilapia juveniles being transfered to cages

Packed juvenile in carrying/packing bags should allowed to float on water and condition before stocking

Stocking/Releasing juvenile fish into cages after conditioning

A NaFIRRI technician broadcasting feeds

Fish should be observed to ensure that they are feeding

Floating feeds that have been broadcasted to fish

Fish are sampled using a castnet to observe growth

A sample of fish for measuring weight, length and observing phyical appearance)

Weighing Nile tilapia using a digital weighing scale to determine growth in terms of weight

Measuring Nile tilapia using a measuring board to determine growth in terms of length

Harvesting fish from a cage

An 800g Nile tilapia harvested from a cage

Harvested fish being packed by women in crates on ice to preserve quality

Fish well packed and preserved on ice in a crate

Fish in crates being loaded into an insulated transportation truck containing ice for the market