Harnessing dietary nutrients of under-utilized fish and fish processing by-products to reduce

micronutrient deficiencies among vulnerable groups in Uganda – NutriFish..

Obiective 1

Stock status and nutrient composition of under-utilized small fishes across lakes Victoria, Albert, Nabugabo and Kyoga quantified for formulation of management strategies

Objective 2

Information on drivers and magnitude of post-harvest losses of under-utilized small fishes generated and cost-effective processing technologies promoted among women, youths, policy makers and other actors in the value chain.

Objective 3

Nutrient-enhanced fish-based complementary foods (CF) for vulnerable groups developed and commercialized.

Objective 4

Information on socio-economic and institutional factors impeding access to and consumption of fish and fish-based products by vulnerable groups generated to formulate appropriate gender-inclusive strategies/interventions.

Objective 5

Capacity of partner institutions and actors along under-utilized small fish value chain enhanced by the end of the project.

Project in photos.

Ladies involved in small fish (mukene) handling, drying fishes in the sand lowering the value

Small fish (mukene) catch mixed with sand for fast drying

Small seine net for small fishes (mukene)

Memeber of the project giving a presentation during the inception

Part of the people who attended the inception meeting

A cross section of the inception meeting attendants