Long-term objective: To reduce industrial pollution into Lake Victoria

Overall Objective: To enhance utilization of microalgae in industrial effluent management in Uganda

Specific objective 1.

1. To determine algae bloom species composition in Lake Victoria and its basin

Specific objective 2.

To determine the efficacy of different algae species in effluent bio-filtration

Progress on output 2.

Algal species to be tested have been determined

Three dominant species identified so far
Group Species   Average cells per ml  Image 
    Years (2018/2019)  
Cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa   39051
Cyanobacteria Merismopedia tenuissima 8324  
Cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis   2618  
Cyanobacteria Dolichospermum circinale   2430  

Specific objective 3.

To determine ways of disposing of the excess algae

Progress on output 3.

Progress to be reported during culture experiments

Specific objective 4.

To determine socio-economic losses associated with the algal bloom

Progress on output 4.

Qualitative study undertaken at determine the socio-economic losses (click to view focus group discussion summary)