The Project at a glance

1. Lake Nyaguo is one of the satellite lakes of Lake Kyoga basin homing many threatened native and endemic fishes.
2. Its catchment area has been identified as birds nesting areas, spawning and nursery sites for fish
3. Unsustainable human activities like habitat destruction, modification, fragmentation for agriculture threatening is ecological values and integrity

Problems to Address
1. Destruction, fragmentation, modification and loss of riparian vegetation
2. Clearance of marginal wetlands for agriculture and settlement
3. Overfishing and use of destructive fishing methods

The Objective

To create Lake Nyaguo Fish and Wildlife Reserve to better manage, protect and conserve threatened aquatic wildlife and their habitats.

1: Public Awareness Creation
2: Designation, Demarcation and Declaration of Created Protected Areas
3: Promote local communities involvement in management of newly created areas
4: Protection, management and sustainability of established reserve

Expected outputs
1. Recovery of threatened native and endemic fish species and other aquatic wildlife.
2. Commitment of local communities and relevant agencies to conserve and protect critical habitats of freshwater biodiversity supporting the livelihoods millions of people in Uganda 3. Contribution to the attainment of three strategic objectives of National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (2015-2025)